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This is the most “Jonathan” song I’ve ever found.

"I’m not okay, but I guess I’m doing fine."

You know me, dude from Real Estate.

There needs to be a gif of him dancing to “Pyramids,” now.

An afternoon with Sid Mashburn


Long considered one of the best menswear designers and shops in the country shopping at Sid Mashburn is something best done slowly and deliberately. I spent a few hours earlier this week drinking beer, buying clothes and listening to Sid tell stories and crack jokes. Even if you can’t shop in store, you can get your souther fix online here.

…Gurus speaking strictly about screenplays for movies will, indeed, hem you in, whereas Campbell I think kind of releases you.

For the simple reason that Campbell isn’t talking about screenplays. He’s not saying, “just like in Chinatown.” He’s saying, “just like every story from every part of the planet for the last 500,000 years.” Campbell is saying: our lives, our minds, our societies, our religions, our relationships, all of life and the universe itself, moves to a certain rhythm, end of thesis. The unspoken thesis being: beat your drum to this universal rhythm and the illusion, to the audience, will be that your drum is shaking the world.

—Dan Harmon (via havingchanged)